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Re: Learning CGI and mod_perl

by r3plicant (Initiate)
on Dec 31, 2008 at 00:04 UTC ( #733362=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Learning CGI and mod_perl

There are a lot of references out there. I like the modperl book and Writing Apache modules in C and Perl. Also, a pretty decent book if you are pretty new to Perl web development is Beginning Perl Web Development published by Apress. If you are already familiar with server-side web development and you need something for a specific task, I recommend Mason. If you just want to learn, roll your own modperl framework. I run linux( ubuntu :-) ) and apache2. I installed the modperl apache module and looked at the docs for the perl modules ( Apache::* and Apache2::*, etc ). Apache::DB is a sweet module the allows you to run the perl debugger on your http requests. There are tons of modules on CPAN to help you accomplish tasks you might want to integrate into your framework. Some of my favs are Text::Template ( for processing perl code in html ), JSON::XS ( self-explanatory ), CGI::Session ... I could go on forever. Good luck and have fun.

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