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Re: (jeffa) Re: Control C in PERL?

by brassmon_k (Sexton)
on Apr 21, 2001 at 01:35 UTC ( #74339=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (jeffa) Re: Control C in PERL?
in thread Control C in PERL?

Cool the reason I wanted to know that is because I'm going to play a little trick on my buddy
He thought it was funny to alter my autoexec.bat on my PC at work so it would go into a booting loop
You know the old trick...Type autoexec.bat and the bottom of the autoexec.bat and it will go into a boot loop
Anyway I'm getting him back. I'm going to do it on his UNIX machine (Note this is just a user terminal not something
important because I'm not a jerk) Anyway It's going to be kind of like the infamous "cookie" script except it will make
him guess something he can never guess. It will keep asking for different things and the answer will never relate to the
question being asked and I needed the CTRL-C deal so I could stop him from terminating the script. I already took care of it
if he tries to open up another shell and terminate the shell process.

Or I could just do this one....I like this one...Make an alias for the cd command that does a kill -9 on the openwindows process
so whenver he does a cd (It takes a few tries to figure out what's killing open windows)you get booted out of openwindows. It's really fun to watch.
Hey were having fun and being inventive at the same time.

The BrassMonk

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