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Re: Re: Re: PerlMonks as Ambassadors

by providencia (Pilgrim)
on Apr 23, 2001 at 20:14 UTC ( #74753=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: PerlMonks as Ambassadors
in thread PerlMonks as Ambassadors

When I first started using computers I got on bulletin boards.
There was one bulletin board that was modified so that new users could
only access certain areas. This allowed me access to a test message group
and to use the download area for downloading help files. This helped me from being red-faced.
Other boards I went to before didn't offer this.
So being new to computers and to bulletin boards I made LOTS of mistakes until I got on that one board.

It was very helpful. Maybe this might not be a bad idea for perlmonks.
I know that for the first three days here I read the docs specific to this site.
Thank goodness it's offered not to mention visible as soon as you get to the site.
That was very helpful and even though I still made some mistakes I didn't make huge blunders.

I am looking right now at something that says Writeup Formatting Tips a quick read that was very helpful.

Okay my point. Although I took some time when I just began to look at posts
and see what was already being posted before I began.
Others may not. A introductory period isn't a bad idea but something helpful should be offered.
I just didn't want that forgotten.
An intoductory period without something constructive could be worse in the long-run regarding reputation.

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