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by ahunter (Monk)
on Apr 14, 2000 at 00:12 UTC ( #7531=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This is just a variant on something I posted to obfuscated code, but to find my email address, run this:

use strict;$_=' RZzqDaL ^IYt}WigMQo r|FD}Ms `UVwIIj';my @w=my $z=lengt +h()>>1; $_=join'',map { (/\s/)?' ':chr(ord($_)^++$z) } split //; while (/[xX]/ +) {push @w, scalar(join '', map {$z=1;join '', grep {$z&&((/[A-Z]/&&(($_.='x') +||1))|| ($z=0))}split//}split/\s/);s/\s[A-Z]+/ /g;tr/[A-Z][a-z]/[a-z][A-Z]/;}$ +_=(join ' ',@w[1..$#w]);s/[xX ]//g;$_=lc;tr/[yz]/[.@]/; print; print "\n"; ### +# Email

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[shmem]: has there been any single day where nothing went wrong? not in my memory
[shmem]: discovered a fuel tank leakage at my second hand motorbike. Some bloke drove a screw too long through the fairing
[shmem]: hard to fix, and plans wrecked. And more... won't tell.
[shmem]: the leakage has been "fixed" with a piece of bycicle tube. Bleargh.
[karlgoethebier]: shmem: yes. my first ride tomorrow is questionable because of lumbago. shit
[shmem]: But! the bloke wasn't me, at least.

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