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Re: looking for a content management system

by systems (Pilgrim)
on Apr 06, 2009 at 08:39 UTC ( #755660=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to looking for a content management system

Okay, I will give you what I think is the bottom line.

No there is not a good CMS written in Perl. The only two worthy to look at Perl based CMSs are Cyclone3 and Bricolage

Cyclone3 is a bit weird, I am used to CMS that act like portals, Cyclone doesn't do this, plus of course you have to use Firefox to access your content, which may be against your company's corporate IT policy

Bricolage is saner, but still would not compete with heavy weights in the CMS world, like Liferay or Joomla!
And both Cyclone or Bricolage require Linux on the backend, which may be a constraint you can't overcome (at my work, we only run windows servers)

You are probably thinking, that since Perl is your favorite language or the one you are learning right now, that you are better with a Perl based CMS, this you might think open the possibility of future customization

Unfortunately, this easy fun to use extensible Perl Based CMS does not exist, use Liferay or joomla!
or Create one in Perl (Catalyst-Moose-DBIx-TT)

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