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Re^4: If I wasn't a Programmer, what I'd like to do is...

by Arunbear (Parson)
on Jun 04, 2009 at 21:07 UTC ( #768587=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: If I wasn't a Programmer, what I'd like to do is...
in thread If I wasn't a Programmer, what I'd like to do is...

Ramana Maharshi did not engage in preaching. Anyway if you believe the words in your signature, then the implication is that everything including the condition of the 'ignorants', your desire to preach, and the outcome of your preaching has all been ordained by God/Source/Universe.
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Re^5: If I wasn't a Programmer, what I'd like to do is...
by targetsmart (Curate) on Jun 05, 2009 at 06:52 UTC
    Ramana Maharshi did not engage in preaching.
    you may be true, but how we all get to know about his teachings on self realization, when some devotee followed up with him with a question he just replied those ultimate truth. So I consider those truth as his preachings, but each one has their own style, I like his style of preaching but it is not very easy to reach that radiant silence stage of preaching, so I have my style but the aim is that radiant silence.

    I sincerely believe the words in my signature, everything is ordained by God/Source/Universe. but my this interest on bringing peace of mind & Self realization to people may also be the ordain of God/Source/Universe.

    There is also one more saying in Bhagavad_Gita that we should realize that we are just an instrument in the hands of God/Source/Universe, there is nothing that we do here, such realization will erase our ego and will bring peace to mind.
    Ultimately the best thing a human can ever get is not the happiness not the sorrow but the peace of mind and realization of self/God/Source/Universe.

    -- In accordance with the prarabdha of each, the One whose function it is to ordain makes each to act. What will not happen will never happen, whatever effort one may put forth. And what will happen will not fail to happen, however much one may seek to prevent it. This is certain. The part of wisdom therefore is to stay quiet.

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