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Re: Opposite of strtol?

by ambrus (Abbot)
on Jun 21, 2009 at 22:35 UTC ( #773424=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Opposite of strtol?

This one is longer than a one-liner. Let's call the stringification function from the gmp library.

First, make sure you have the gmp library and the headers for it installed, eg. if you have a debian linux system, install the libgmp3-dev package. Then make a directory called Math-Tobase-1.0 and enter the following code to a file called Tobase.xs in it:

#include "EXTERN.h" #include "perl.h" #include "XSUB.h" #include <gmp.h> MODULE = Math::Tobase PACKAGE = Math::Tobase SV * tobase(radix, num) int radix long num CODE: ST(0) = sv_newmortal(); if (2 <= radix && radix <= 62 || -36 <= radix && radix <= -2) +{ mpz_t big; mpz_init_set_si(big, num); if (mpz_sizeinbase(big, radix) <= 70) { char buf[72]; mpz_get_str(buf, radix, big); sv_setpv(ST(0), buf); } mpz_clear(big); }

Then enter the following to a file called lib/Math/ under the Math-Tobase-1.0 directory (create the subdirectories):

package Math::Tobase; require Exporter; require DynaLoader; our $VERSION = "1.00"; our @ISA = (Exporter::, DynaLoader::); our @EXPORT = "tobase"; bootstrap Math::Tobase::; 1; __END__
=head1 NAME Math::Tobase - Convert integers to a string in any radix =head1 SYNOPSIS use Math::Tobase; print tobase(16, 200), "\n"; # prints c8 =head1 DESCRIPTION =over 4 =item tobase RADIX, INTEGER Converts an integer to a string in any radix (number base), returning a string. The radix must be an integer between 2 and 62 or between -36 and -2, inclusive. If the magnitude of the radix is greater than 10 but at most 36, lowercase letters a to z are used to indicate digits greater than 9; however, if the radix is greater than 36 then digits between 10 and 35 are represented with uppercase, and digits greater than 35 are represented with lowercase letters. =back =head1 INSTALLATION This module requires the gmp (GNU MP) library, which you can download from L<>. =cut

Then enter the following to the Makefile.PL file under the Math-Tobase-1.0 directory.

use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; WriteMakefile( NAME => "Math::Tobase", VERSION_FROM => "lib/Math/", LIBS => ["-lgmp"], );

Now compile the code with the command

perl Makefile.PL && make

If all is successful, you can install the module now and get a Math::Tobase module with a tobase function that does what you want.

Try it out before installing using the command

perl -I./lib -Iblib/arch -we 'use Math::Tobase; print tobase(13, 54), +"\n";'

The output shall be 42.

Update 2011-03-18: see also Re: Module for 128-bit integer math? for a list of bigint modules. See also Re: Convert big number from decimal to hexadecimal where I reuse this code.

Update 2012-10-16: note to self (as I reference this code frequently): you may want to use XSLoader.

Update 2013-11-19: for more XS examples, see Re: Perl XS.

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Re^2: Opposite of strtol?
by syphilis (Chancellor) on Jun 22, 2009 at 00:09 UTC
    That's a nice little demo of how to set up a simple perl extension - though there are already a number of modules in existence that will do the conversion.

    Math::GMPz already uses the very same gmp library function:
    perl -MMath::GMPz=":mpz" -wle "print Rmpz_get_str(Math::GMPz->new(54), + 13)"

    It's also available with Math::GMP, too (though the Math::GMP function we use is undocumented):
    perl -MMath::GMP=":constant" -wle "print Math::GMP::get_str_gmp(54, 13 +)"
    There are other modules, too, that one could use, but these are the only modules I know of that use the gmp library for the task.


      Wow, I didn't know there were interfaces to GMP other than Math::BigInt::GMP, and that one does not have an interface to this.

      There's also Math::BaseCnv to print numbers in an arbitary base though.

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