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sitedoclet usage analysis

by jdporter (Canon)
on Jul 23, 2009 at 15:08 UTC ( #782698=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to jdporter's treehouse
in thread jdporter

# top-level nodes with conventionally-named sitedoclets:

# invoke sitedoclet directly in superdoc code:
Add your code	Add your code sitedoclet
Best Nodes	Best Nodes sitedoclet
Book Reviews	Book Reviews sitedoclet
Buy Stuff	Buy Stuff sitedoclet
Categorized Questions and Answers	Categorized Questions and Answers sitedoclet
Code Catacombs	Code Catacombs sitedoclet
Cool Uses for Perl	Cool Uses for Perl sitedoclet
Duplicate Post Warning	Duplicate Post Warning sitedoclet
Editor Requests	Editor Requests sitedoclet
Free Nodelet Settings	Free Nodelet Settings sitedoclet
How to use the moderation system	How to use the moderation system sitedoclet	
Inner Scriptorium	Inner Scriptorium sitedoclet
Login	Login sitedoclet
Meditations	Meditations sitedoclet
Message Outbox	Message Outbox sitedoclet
Module Reviews	Module Reviews sitedoclet
Nodelet Settings	Nodelet Settings sitedoclet
Nodes to consider	Nodes to consider sitedoclet
Obfuscated code	Obfuscated code sitedoclet
Past Polls	Past Polls sitedoclet
Perl Monks Discussion	Perl Monks Discussion sitedoclet
Perl News	Perl News sitedoclet
Perl Poetry	Perl Poetry sitedoclet
Quests	Quests sitedoclet
Retrieving a forgotten username or password	Retrieving a forgotten username or password sitedoclet
Reviews	Reviews sitedoclet
Seekers of Perl Wisdom	Seekers of Perl Wisdom sitedoclet
Snippets Section	Snippets Section sitedoclet
Timezone Settings	Timezone Settings sitedoclet
Tutorials	Tutorials sitedoclet
# have sitedoclet by virtue of their respective types' corresponding display page:
CanConsider	CanConsider sitedoclet
handlelinks settings	handlelinks settings sitedoclet
gods	gods sitedoclet
developers	developers sitedoclet
QandAEditors	QandAEditors sitedoclet
SiteDocClan	SiteDocClan sitedoclet
SiteDocManagers	SiteDocManagers sitedoclet
power users	power users sitedoclet
janitors	janitors sitedoclet
pmdev	pmdev sitedoclet
cabal	cabal sitedoclet
Site Documentation Clan	Site Documentation Clan sitedoclet
pollsters	pollsters sitedoclet
holders of unholy power	holders of unholy power sitedoclet
Breathers of Fire	Breathers of Fire sitedoclet
godes	godes sitedoclet
pedagogues	pedagogues sitedoclet
pirates	pirates sitedoclet

# top-level nodes with conventionally-named sitedoclets and pass additional args:

Worst Nodes	Worst Nodes sitedoclet	'trolls' 'newbies' 'general' (three different calls)
Perl Monks Approved HTML tags	Perl Monks Approved HTML tags sitedoclet	-table=>$table
Recently Active Threads Faqlet	Recently Active Threads Faqlet sitedoclet	-JS=>$JS,EG=>$EG
The St. Larry Wall Shrine	The St. Larry Wall Shrine sitedoclet	-quote=>$quote
Voting/Experience System	Voting/Experience System sitedoclet	-table=>$table,-norm=>$VS->{norm}
What XML generators are currently available on PerlMonks?	What XML generators are currently available on PerlMonks? sitedoclet	-Passthrough=>$list

# top-level nodes with UNconventionally-named sitedoclet: (no additional args)

Create A New User	Choosing a username

# these are not top-level nodes, so they have to provide the sitedoclet name:

Cabalists' Nodelet	Cabalists' Nodelet sitedoclet
Pedagogues Nodelet	Pedagogues Nodelet sitedoclet
Pollsters' Nodelet	Pollsters' Nodelet sitedoclet
QandAEditors Nodelet	QandAEditors Nodelet sitedoclet
SiteDocClan nodelet	SiteDocClan Nodelet sitedoclet
Information	Information sitedoclet
showhints	showhints sitedoclet
# this one passes additional args:
handle_scratchpad_edit	showhints sitedoclet	'general'

# other sitedoclets

new user e-mail sitedoclet is completely unused.

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