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Re: Check if Date interval contains Hour X

by alexm (Chaplain)
on Jul 23, 2009 at 18:42 UTC ( #782750=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Check if Date interval contains Hour X

I'd suggest taking a look into DateTime::Span.
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Re^2: Check if Date interval contains Hour X
by ikegami (Pope) on Jul 23, 2009 at 19:21 UTC
    I thought you were on to something until I realized the real problem is finding the right date to go with the hour. Using ::Span makes things a lot more complicated since you now need to make 4 DateTime objects for every hour.

      The very first thing that came to my mind after reading the OP was the method DateTime::Span::contains. However, yours is the right approach since that method only works for sets that are fully inside, as the manual says.


        contains wouldn't work, but intersects would
        ...| 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 00 | 01 | 02 | 03 |... (------------) log (----] hour (--) intersection

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