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Re^3: Status of Recent User Information Leak (mass e-mail)

by Polyglot (Pilgrim)
on Jul 31, 2009 at 05:46 UTC ( #784812=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Status of Recent User Information Leak (mass e-mail)
in thread Status of Recent User Information Leak


Does anyone here use Qmail on a linux server? If so, all it would take is to copy the 58,000 email addresses into a text file, one address per line, place it on the Qmail server as a mail list, and then bounce a generic email off the list. Everyone would receive the same message (not personalized) but it would be very efficient and only to them (like bcc:).

I have my own box here at home, and I suppose if folks trusted me, I could send them out from here.

Qmail allows mail lists for its user accounts (as I suppose other mail programs do as well). In Qmail, it is nearly as simple as this: adduser perlmonks, copy text file into perlmonks home directory as "newslist", then write an email to "" and watch the mail go out. (No guarantees that I'm not missing a step or two, but it's about that simple if qmail is already installed and running.)

Features of Qmail, including the mail list (for which there is no size limit), can be found here: According to the statistics there, it might take under two hours to send the email out to all 58,000 addresses.



UPDATE: On second thought, I am remembering that I am not in a good position to send out bulk emails like this. Someone else would have to do it from a more trusted IP address. You see, I am in Taiwan, and many ISPs seem to block entire IP address ranges for Taiwan, as apparently much spam and mischief originates here. In other words, much of what I would send from here might not be delivered, or it would land in the "spam" box. But the Qmail solution would still be viable if used from a trusted source. ~ Polyglot ~

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Re^4: Status of Recent User Information Leak (mass e-mail)
by MidLifeXis (Monsignor) on Jul 31, 2009 at 13:02 UTC

    Unless you limit the number of connections to each recipient host, you risk taking an email server hosting a large number of monks to its knees.

    Qmail is a very good internal system. I have stopped recommending it for external mail servers a long time ago. The internet infrastructure is just not resilient enough against a server like this that could present a very effective denial of service attack.

    This is from someone who was involved with qmail use and advocacy very early on. One of my first public perl scripts is in fact still being distributed (search for Brian T. Wightman on one of the qmail pages), although I no longer recommend its use - the SMTP world has changed :).


    The tomes, scrolls etc are dusty because they reside in a dusty old house, not because they're unused. --hangon in this post

      Maybe a silly suggestion, I'm no SMTP expert...

      What if 58 trusted monks around the planet would send 1000 emails each?

      We could start a group "Mailsender" where these monks could join, and they would get the required lists and email for qmail.

      Personally I would suggest that each should send 3x1000 emails for redundancy and to guaranty a high likelihood of deliverance.

      The email-text of each Mailsender should somehow differ to avoid spamfilter but should be a forward of perlmonks.

      This Mailsender group could be quickly reactivated in the "next incident"... ;)

      Cheers Rolf

        Maybe a silly suggestion, I'm no SMTP expert...

        You're right, that won't work. That was early spammers trick, the ISP learn to fight long ago.

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