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Re^2: Status of Recent User Information Leak

by jnbek (Scribe)
on Aug 03, 2009 at 15:03 UTC ( #785479=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Status of Recent User Information Leak
in thread Status of Recent User Information Leak

While I'm not thrilled to know passwords were stored as plain text, I beleive that this is quite excusable, and quite forgiven in my book. Good job of handling the issue, and thanks for you honesty and not pointing blame anywhere, but instead just working to solve the issue once and for all.
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Re^3: Status of Recent User Information Leak
by Anonymous Monk on Aug 06, 2009 at 14:24 UTC
    Just because a good job was done of handling the issue does not equate to forgiveness in many of our books. No one is looking to punish anyone, so please stop being apologists and always remember that the volunteers chose to update the experience and voting system rather than protect the privacy of the users.

      Volunteers can do whatever the fsck they want. They're volunteers. I for one welcome our new volunteer overlords.

      Your position amounts to: Since no one had the tuits to make difficult but minor fixes to the passwords which would not have protected user emails or such at all in this recent breach, I don't want any new features.

        Fine. You are a ditto head apologist.

        Your position amounts to: I am an idiot and don't see a problem, therefor you shouldn't either.

      OK, understood. So then, what caused the site volunteers to update the experience and voting system rather than protect the privacy of the users? While I haven't spoken to any of them about this, my sense is that, like most things, the experience and voting system are very visible to the end users, while the fact that passwords were stored in plaintext was not. I would venture a guess that, had enough of the monks complained about the passwords when the folks were considering whether to update the experience and voting system or go to a different password storage system, they would have chosen to work on the passwords. That's just conjecture on my part, though.

      Updated to change "That begs the question" to "So then" to make Anonymous Monk feel better.


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