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Re^2: regex pattern match problem

by newbio (Beadle)
on Aug 05, 2009 at 20:49 UTC ( #786222=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: regex pattern match problem
in thread regex pattern match problem

Yes, Polyglot, that's what I want. Could you please elaborate on your suggestion. How do I perform the non-global substitutions for their corresponding positions? It is possible that exactly the same pattern may get repeated in a sentence, so their positions need to be taken into account, possibly using substr function. Still, I cannot figure out how that works. I tried to do something like this but it does not work.

$string=$line="Input sentence"; if ($line =~ /\*\*([^\*]+)\*\*\s(kinase|isoform|protein|peptide|li +gand)\s\$\$([^\$]+)\$\$\s[\(\,]\s\*\*([^\*]+)\*\*\s[\)\,]/) { print "yes"; while ($line =~ /(\*\*([^\*]+)\*\*\s(kinase|isoform|protein|pe +ptide|ligand)\s\$\$([^\$]+)\$\$\s[\(\,]\s\*\*([^\*]+)\*\*\s[\)\,])/g) + { $pattern=$1; $string =~ s/(\*\*([^\*]+)\*\*\s(kinase|isoform|protein|pe +ptide|ligand)\s\$\$([^\$]+)\$\$\s[\(\,]\s\*\*([^\*]+)\*\*\s[\)\,])/pq +rstuv/; $string =~ s/\*\*//g; $string =~ s/\$\$//g; $string =~ s/p +qrstuv/$pattern/; print WF "$string\n"; $string=$line; } }

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