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SiteDocClan Procedures

by SiteDocClan
on Aug 07, 2009 at 20:42 UTC ( #786919=sitefaqlet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

SiteDocClan Procedures


Other Groups' Wikis

Node Creation Functions

Caution: The following links, if clicked, will create a new node! Click only if you mean to create one! If you need one, check Master FaqList faqlist for an unused one first. Unused items usually have "available" in the title. If there is one, use that rather than create a new one. Conversely, if you do create one that you end up not needing, give it a title like available_faqlet.

PerlMonks Documentation Style Guide

  • Documents should be written so as not to depend too much on their context.

  • At the bottom of each faqlet, insert:
    <hr/><i>Back to the [PerlMonks FAQ]</i>.

  • Documents should have a heading consisting of the node's title inside <h1> tags.

  • Links to other nodes should generally be by node ID, rather than by name.

  • PerlMonks is spelled "PerlMonks", not "Perl Monks" or "perlmonks" or "Perl monks".

  • Perl Monks are people (plural), PerlMonks is the site (singular).

  • In external references, don't just say "For more info, see X," say "For more on how to foobar your frobnicator without comblastion, see X."

  • Avoid abbreviations.

  • Link to other faqlets and docs generously. Link to word and acronym definitions and Perl docs whenever possible.

Note that these are merely guidelines; they are not gospel. Feel free to debate them in the SDC Wiki. :-)

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