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Re^2: Perl_croak_xs_usage problem

by markuhs (Scribe)
on Oct 02, 2009 at 08:36 UTC ( #798801=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Perl_croak_xs_usage problem
in thread Perl_croak_xs_usage problem

Sorry, I think I did not state my problem correctly.

I do NOT have any problems on running the .par file.
I DO have a problem CREATING the .par file.

For me only C:\Perl\bin\perl510.dll exists...

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Re^3: Perl_croak_xs_usage problem
by pdxperl (Sexton) on Oct 15, 2009 at 16:25 UTC
    Hi, Curious if this ever got resolved.. I'm having the same issues. ==update== I decided to do an uninstall of 5.10.1 (I'm on Vista). When I started to do the uninstall, I noticed there were both 5.10.0 and 5.10.1 listed as installed. So I uninstalled both, and reinstalled 5.10.0. No problems after that.
      Just double checked it (again), but there is only 5.10.0 installed now.

      The problems arise if I install 5.10.1.
      PAR is built for 5.10.0.

      I would have to build it myself, but I have never done things like that. At the moment I stick with 5.10.0 (and tried a little bit of Strawberry Perl) until I have more time to build it...

      Hope that answers your question???
      Not sure if this ever got solved, best info I could find was recompile. I uninstalled perl, downloaded and installed Activestate 5.10.1 build 1007 Then I Installed MinGW Then downloaded source for: PAR PAR-Dist PAR-Packer for each I ran the make / install steps using dmake (NOT NMAKE) gzip/untar cd perl MakeFile.PL dmake dmake test dmake install Had a couple test failures (nothing major I dont think) Everything worked afterwords. Quite well actually, compiles seemed faster than before. Running on Windows XP also.

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