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by rtillian (Initiate)
on Oct 30, 2009 at 12:18 UTC ( #804143=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

Born in March 1957 in Austria

System-Analyst since 1983 at the companies Unisys (7 years) and Xerox (since 1992)

Programming languages during this time: Cobol, Unix s‎crip‎ts, C, Perl
Using Perl with great enthusiasm since more than a decade for everything:

  • Batchprogramming
    mainly for manipulating printer datastreams like Posts‎crip‎t or PCL.

  • Graphical User Interfaces
    with Perl/Tk and now with GTK2

  • Web-Applications
    with the help of Apache::ASP. This product enables me to create extreme dynamic web pages.
    Full power of Perl within HTML code ( I wonder why they ever invented PHP)

  • PDF-Manipulation
    with the help of PDF::Reuse and CAM::PDF (incredible good solutions)

  • Win32-Services
    with the help of the literature and modules of Dave Roth

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