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Re: any use of 'use locale'?

by ikegami (Pope)
on Nov 20, 2009 at 03:10 UTC ( #808327=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to any use of 'use locale'?

Good point. Why don't you submit a bug report

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Re^2: any use of 'use locale'?
by wanradt (Scribe) on Nov 20, 2009 at 13:36 UTC

    Thank you for suggestion! To be honest, i already did on sept 24th:

    But it seemed to me that perlbug is buggy too, so i made bugreport about perlbug itself:

    Cause i got no any kind of response at all, it seems to me, it was also useless... I did not find any trace of my reports and i don't see public register of perl bug-tickets. Could you point me, what am i missing?

    Nnda, WK

      #!/usr/bin/perl use locale; print uc("abc"), "\n";

      Wait a sec, and aren't found in iso-8859-1. The file you describe can't possibly exist. If the file is encoded using an encoding other than iso-8859-1, you need to tell Perl. use utf8; tells Perl that the source is encoded using UTF-8.

      That applies to the OP of this thread too, although it won't change the outcome.

      Useful commands:

      # Source is UTF-8 use utf8; # Appropriate de/encode data going through STDIN/OUT/ERR. use open ':std', ':locale';

        I am aware about utf8 in bugreport and in this case here. Cause "use utf8" makes more noise (adds warning "Wide character in print at...") and does not help, i let it out. So, in bug report i intentionally let "use utf8" out, cause my locale is UTF8. I find it being real bug, if i have utf8 locale and i say "use locale", perl does not follow this instruction in every possible way.

        Btw, i find that using "use utf8" is a waste of good thing, if we use it as "when in code is something in utf8". "use utf8" should say: in this pragma any, all and everything you even can imagine, is utf8. Or "use locale" should spread such message, if coder want to be dependent from locale

        Handling all kind of utf8 through lot of different things (open, use, locale, -C, binmode, special keys in regex) makes me always feel sick. Really. I am sorry, but through the 12 years i use Perl, i am just waited, when the unicode things settle down, being simple as that: "use utf8" and everything works. Or similar. Still i see hacks but no systematic solution.

        Yesterday, before posting, i searched last nodes about this topic, and i found this node: 801876. I just hope, that i really misunderstood the point, but if UTF-8 defines something being digit (\d) or word character (\w), then should it be like that in perl too...

        Nnda, WK

      Yeah, I don't see the first. (Didn't look for the second.) When you use perlbug, it gives the option to "save to file". Then you can use your normal mailer to send the report.

      In other words, take what's on pastebin and send it to You get sent an automated confirmation message on receipt.

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