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Re: Do you have a middle name?

by bart (Canon)
on Dec 01, 2009 at 12:05 UTC ( #810362=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Do you have a middle name?

Here in Belgium it's a tradition that children get a first name, plus the name of the godfather and godmother (possibly converted to the child's sex) as a second and a third, but they're never used apart from on on official documents.

So... is that a "yes", or a "no"?

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Re^2: Do you have a middle name?
by igoryonya (Monk) on Dec 04, 2009 at 07:41 UTC
    In Russia, a middle name is always a father's name with gender endings. For instance, my father's name is Aleksandr, so my Father, hence middle, name is Aleksandrovich, on the other hand, if I was a girl, my father name would be Aleksandrovna. In addition to ovich and ovna endings, there is a variation evich, evna, depending on which name is used. This is just a fun brainstorm, so I, to be quick, only did ovich, ovna. In context with english names:
    @Michael = ('Michaelovich', 'Michaelovna);
    my @genderEnding = ('ovich', 'ovna'); my @genderType = ('Male', 'Female'); my $genderSelected = 1; my $fathersName = &promptConsole("What's your father's name"); my $gender = &promptConsole("What's your gender"); for my $gen (qw{m male man boy}){ $genderSelected = 0 if(lc($gender) eq $gen); } print "Since, you are $genderType[$genderSelected], your father (middl +e) name is $fathersName$genderEnding[$genderSelected]\n"; sub promptConsole{ print shift, ": "; my $in = <>; $in =~ s/[\r\n\cM]+$//; return $in; }
    Pardon me, I've wrote this script after voting without testing as a fun brainstorm :) and I've made a couple of bugs. People messaged me, saying that it's not working, so I've fixed it. I've misspelled sub call to $fathersName and I used <INPUT> instead of <>. I got it mixed up with an other programming language. I don't even remember which one, but here we go, the fixed version.
      Strictly speaking, that isn't your middle name. It's your otchestvo or patronymic.

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