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WAMP package for Windows?

by flamey (Scribe)
on Jan 18, 2010 at 21:19 UTC ( #818045=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
flamey has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Hey guys, I want to write some small web apps in Perl which will run on share Linux hosting. And I'm using Windows. So, I'm looking for a WAMP package to help me with development.

From what I understand I'd want package be able to do following two things, among other:
* "translate" nix Perl path (#!/usr/bin/perl) to local Perl install location, so .pl files don't need to be updated before uploading;
* use already existing Perl installation, so I don't need to install required modules twice

What are you guys using on Windows platforms?

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Re: LAMP package for Windows?
by marto (Archbishop) on Jan 18, 2010 at 21:27 UTC

    You just need to install and configure a web server, for example Apache. Either Strawberry Perl or Active State (I assume you have one of these installed already?) will run scripts which have the shebang line #!/usr/bin/perl.

    See Setting up Perl/CGI with Windows from the tutorials section. When I have to work on a windows platform, I use Strawberry Perl and Apache.

    I'd suggest learning how to configure apache properly, rather than install something like xampp, since its a good skill to have. Fortunately it's well documented.

    Update: added reference to xampp

      thanks for reply. i know where to find various WAMP packages. I was hoping to get a tip on what's known to be Perl friendly...
        XAMPP works fine as a test environment for me using Perl and PHP. It uses its own perl, and not my "normal" ActivePerl install. So module installation has to managed separately.

        TGI says moo

      ... and I need to install MySQL server, and need to know how to configure all that to work nicely together... I'm trying to avoid that. And I'm trying to avoid installing more crap onto my system... most WAMP packages do not require installation, and come with some standard config. I tried Uniform Server, but couldn't figure out how to run Perl scripts without modifying perl path in my scripts :(

        "most WAMP packages do not require installation"

        Are you sure? The WAMP (by they way, your post says WAMP yet links to LAMP) states:

        "WAMPs are packages of independently-created programs installed on computer"

        Perhaps you are right, and most don't require installation, but I'm not convinced "most".

        "I'm trying to avoid installing more crap onto my system"

        If you think it's crap, why use it? :)

        While it may seem daunting at first learn how set up Perl, Apache and MySQl it is a valuable skill. It seriously shouldn't take you long. Also if you are running a stack which is similar (in configuration and version number) to that of your server, it will be easier to track down any known issues or bugs which may be platform specific.

        After a quick look at the uniformserver documentation I'm not too impressed. However did you even look at the documentation? The examples provided show a shebang line of #!/usr/bin/perl. Perhaps you are just doing something else wrong.

Re: WAMP package for Windows?
by scorpio17 (Abbot) on Jan 19, 2010 at 14:35 UTC

    Your development environment should be as similar as possible to your production environment. I would get something like VMWare, and run a virtual machine that's exactly like the production machine (same OS, same version of perl, same paths to libs, etc.). Otherwise you risk having hard-to-debug problems related to the version of mysql/apache/perl/etc running on your PC being "different" than that on the host.

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