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Re: seeking direction to start with perl

by biohisham (Priest)
on Feb 04, 2010 at 06:24 UTC ( #821326=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to seeking direction to start with perl

It may be worthwhile for you to check the Reviews section of the Monastery. You can see which books are recommended and weigh for yourself how a certain book can be of potential benefit.

once you have learned a basic deal of Perl - no matter which book you read from - the Seekers of Perl Wisdom is such a great medium of interaction and learning since you are offered practical solutions from different perspectives for a coding problem that you faced while learning/working, this can allow you to explore areas where you can develop your coding style and give you better ideas. I have learnt a lot only by following the SOPW and I can never cease to learn new things every passing day from this section...

I'd emphasize that you organize this learning experience and make provision for reviewing your progress every other while in order to solidify the techniques you learn and facilitate picking up new ones and thus building on some solid base.

So welcome and have a nice Perl journey..

Excellence is an Endeavor of Persistence. Chance Favors a Prepared Mind.
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