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Re: poll ideas quest 2010

by hok_si_la (Curate)
on Feb 24, 2010 at 16:33 UTC ( #825102=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to poll ideas quest 2010

    My Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is ...
    • ESTJ (Extraverted-Sensing-Thinking-Judging)
    • ESTP (Extraverted-Sensing-Thinking-Perceiving)
    • ESFJ (Extraverted-Sensing-Feeling-Judging)
    • ESFP (Extraverted-Sensing-Feeling-Perceiving)
    • ENTJ (Extraverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Judging)
    • ENTP (Extraverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceiving)
    • ENFJ (Extraverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging)
    • ENFP (Intraverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving)
    • ISTJ (Intraverted-Sensing-Thinking-Judging)
    • ISTP (Intraverted-Sensing-Thinking-Perceiving)
    • ISFJ (Intraverted-Sensing-Feeling-Judging)
    • ISFP (Intraverted-Sensing-Feeling-Perceiving)
    • INTJ (Intraverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Judging)
    • INTP (Intraverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceiving)
    • INFJ (Intraverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging)
    • INFP (Intraverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving)
    • IHND (I-Have-No-Idea)
    • IDFC (I-Don't-Friggin-Care)

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Node Type: note [id://825102]
[Eily]: Maybe the puns in his dialogues were somehow kept through translation, but I can tell he lost his accent
[LanX]: qui?
[Eily]: Astérix
1nickt gives up on finding a Perl YAML parser that supports hash merging. In 2017.
[LanX]: Oh yes true, he lost his accent! xD
[Eily]: and since his name is a modified version of astérisque (asterisk), which is a typographical symbol, I think it's even funnier that he would lose a diacritic
[Eily]: the pun doesn't work so well with "he lost a diacritic" though :P
[LanX]: Obelix might offer to find it again ...
[LanX]: not much to translate anyway since Goscinny died
[Eily]: https://en. wiki/List_of_Aster ix_characters some of the names were changed to include a new pun

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