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by RedElk (Hermit)
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Soup-can sun glasses


  • Perl Dev on Ubuntu
  • Last Hour of CB
  • Read dumper data to hash
  • CB Stats
  • SymLink & Lib hints
  • Solving Perl Problems
  • Tk use of sleep
  • Tk textvariable hint
  • Tk Height/Width Examples
  • Tk Timer hint
  • Tk popup window
  • Tk Example
  • A better way to learn Tk?
  • Teaching/Learning perl
  • Template Toolkit
  • Db's in perl
  • CPAN Author
  • Decimal Array range
  • Release Modules
  • Dyna-Mouse-O-Meter
  • Perl Regexp
  • Basic debugging checklist
  • Directory Builder
  • RFC: Databases made easy
  • Getting Better
  • Sweet Pull Words
  • Sweet Rand # Generator
  • Check box
  • Beginning Perl/Tk
  • Good Intentions: Wikisyntax for the Monastery

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    [ambrus]: And I don't much like syntax highlighters. If you need a syntax highlighter to understand your code, then your code is written unclear.
    [ambrus]: And if you need a syntax highlighter to color parenthesis green and numbers black and letters blue, then you're using the wrong font.
    [ambrus]: I have to tolerate syntax highlighters when other people use them, but I don't use them myself. And sorry for the rant.
    [GotToBTru]: I appreciate the ability to highlight matching brackets/ parentheses/ braces, both for my own code and the inconsistently indented code of others
    [Corion]: I like editors that automatically highlight the matching parenthesis (like % in vi), but that's roughly the extent to which I like editor support ;)
    [GotToBTru]: same here Corion.
    [Corion]: I tried for a short time (well, 8 hours now) to get Perl::Tidy set up but then found that it doesn't support (new-style) signatures and then stopped again ;))

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