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Re: Remove Duplicates from a mbox file

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 24, 2010 at 02:44 UTC ( #830438=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Remove Duplicates from a mbox file
in thread Remove Duplicates from a mbox file

That md5/hash trick is pretty cool. Here's a better version of the program (could be cleaner bit it works afaik). Using the Message-Id: would be faster but then we wouldn't need the md5. :)
#!/usr/bin/perl # Simple program to remove duplicate email messages # from an mbox file. This program only looks at the content # of the message for uniqueness, not entire message with the headers. # There is no file locking, use this program on a backup # of your mbox file. # Enjoy. use strict; use warnings; use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex); #grab file names from the program parameters. #and do some error checking. my $from = shift @ARGV; my $keep = shift @ARGV; my $junk = shift @ARGV; if ( $#ARGV != -1 || ! defined $junk ) { print STDERR "usage: $0 original clean junk\n"; exit(-1); } my (%uniq, $msg); my ($head, $body); my $i = 0; my $dups = 0; my $nulls = 0; $|++; open (my $IN, "<$from") || die "cannot open $from: $!"; open (my $KEEP, ">$keep") || die "cannot open $keep $!"; open (my $JUNK, ">$junk") || die "cannot open $junk $!"; while(<$IN>) { #emails in mbox files always begin with ^From #when /^From / is matched, process the previous message #then start on this message if(m/^From /) { next if (!defined $msg || $msg eq ""); #increment the counter for a status report $i++; #print a status report if necessary. #I like to do it this way print '.' if(($i % 50) == 0); if(($i % 1000) == 0) { print " $i, $dups duplicates, $nulls null messages found\n" } #since evolution can give different headers on the same message, #only hash the body of the message, and use that to compare to oth +er #emails. The entire message will be stored in the hash though. ($head, $body) = split /\n\n/, $msg, 2; #standard perl technique for removing duplicates, using hashes and + #md5 files. if ( ! defined $body ) { $nulls++; print $JUNK $msg; } else { my $md5 = md5_hex($body); if ( !defined $uniq{$md5} ) { $uniq{$md5} = 1; print $KEEP $msg; } else { print $JUNK $msg; $dups++; } } #done processing the previous message, start the next message $msg = $_; } else { #current line didn't match /^From / so this line is part of the #middle of the current message. Just tack it on to the end. $msg .= $_; } } print "Done, $i messages, $dups duplicates, $nulls nulls\n";

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