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Re^4: scripting frameworks - a cursory glance

by metaperl (Curate)
on Mar 25, 2010 at 19:51 UTC ( #830949=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: scripting frameworks - a cursory glance
in thread scripting frameworks - a cursory glance

It would make no sense for "application object components" to be accessed via the cache (regardless of the syntax used to access the cache).
You're right it wouldnt. That was a mis-wording. But: the command object should access application object resources via $self->app->$resource not the current way $self->$resource where $resource might be a slot in the application object or a slot in the command object.

And: the cache is a resource that the command requires the application to implement and provide. You mentioned uploading Commands to CPAN separately. What sort of interface should a command have with the application? Should the application boldly and indiscriminately put any numbers of slots in the command? Or should there be one well-defined interface via one method between command and object, namely $self->app

This code (in CLI::Framework::Application):

# Share session data with command... # (init() method may have populated global session data in cache # for use by all commands) $command->set_cache( $app->cache );
Should raise a red flag, because over time as various commands require various application-level resources, you are going to have to manually keep coding the wedding between application and object here with additional slot injection instead of one well-defined interface via one method between command and object, namely $self->app

n-fold fanout

Just think of what you're doing... let's just say there are 3, as you put it, "instance variables kept in both Application and Command. ", cache1, db_handle, interprocess_communication. Now, you have 4 commands. With your approach, you install all 3 of these accessors in all 4 commands, for a total of 12 accessors for sharing data between application and command.

With my approach, only the app accessor is shared between application and command, for a total of 4 accessors. As the number of shared resources grow, your "accessor bloat" grows linearly. My "bloat" is constant at 1.

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