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Re^3: Question: Capturing a repeated pattern

by rubasov (Friar)
on Apr 08, 2010 at 22:43 UTC ( #833657=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Question: Capturing a repeated pattern
in thread Question: Capturing a repeated pattern

Sorry, I've updated the grandparent node before I saw your answer. And of course if the separator part cannot be easily subtracted from your regex then split won't suffice and you will need what kennethk recommended.
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Re^4: Question: Capturing a repeated pattern
by GrandFather (Sage) on Apr 08, 2010 at 23:41 UTC

    Please indicate in the node that you have updated it otherwise future readers of the thread will be left somewhat bemused by the disconnect between what is written and the reply it seemingly received.

    True laziness is hard work
      For the history:

      I haven't deleted or modified anything in that node, only added the "update" section. After that as I've seen the answer and the "disconnection", I've tried to indicate that with my node starting with "Sorry".

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