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Re^3: Perl detached threads, loops & my?

by rjt (Deacon)
on Jun 09, 2010 at 00:27 UTC ( #843769=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Perl detached threads, loops & my?
in thread Perl detached threads, loops & my?

Thank you for the example. However, I still have doubts. Please carefully consider this reply, my other reply, and BrowserUk's comments.

Red flag for me: Your second script, you claim takes "HOURS" to run. On the below mentioned old system, that script completes for me in minutes. Process memory usage never went above 50MB.

$ time perl Called: 0 Called: 1 : Called: 99998 Called: 99999 real 12m23.351s user 10m50.800s sys 0m23.580s

You're trying to create 100000 threads. You invite a race condition where your script may hit a wall very quickly if your threads do anything non-trivial. You would expect to see:

Called: 367 Called: 368 Thread creation failed: pthread_create returned 11 at script line 4. Can't call method "detach" on an undefined value at script line 5.

Your first example will "leak" memory in the sense that the @thr_ll array will grow to 100000, even after threads exit. On most systems this wouldn't be a big deal if your real application caps at 100000 as well, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

I ran both of your scripts on my oldest machine, and neither one had a deleterious effect on Perl 5.10.1 on Ubuntu, running on an 8 year old P4-1.6GHz machine with 512MB. Both ran to completion.

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