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Re^2: Net::Telnet::Cisco and IOS-XR

by Anonymous Monk
on Jun 30, 2010 at 08:18 UTC ( #847282=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Net::Telnet::Cisco and IOS-XR
in thread Net::Telnet::Cisco and IOS-XR

Even a simple command as "sh users" , "sh interface description" does not work. Best regards, Uros Milosavljevic

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Re^3: Net::Telnet::Cisco and IOS-XR
by Anonymous Monk on Jul 27, 2010 at 17:44 UTC

    I tried again with options the following prompt works for me now

    '/(?m:^\\s?(?:[\\w.\/]+\:)?(?:[\\w.-]+\@)?[\\w.-]+\\s?(?:\(config[^\)] +*\))?\\s?[\$#>]\\s?(?:\(enable\))?\\s*$)/'

    Regards - Danny

      hi , i am facing the same problem...i can successfully able to telnet into the router but when i give "sh run | in route" it doesn't work..please help...i can able to see telnet success and login sucess

      use Net::Cisco; open(CONFIG,">config.txt"); print CONFIG "Router ip,Status\n"; open(ROUTERIP,"routerip.txt")or die "couldn't open routerip.txt"; open(COMMAND,"command.txt")or die "couldn't open command.txt"; while(<COMMAND>) { chomp($_); $comm=$_; } $count=0; while(<ROUTERIP>) { chomp($_); $router=$_; $tl=0; $t =Net::Telnet::Cisco->new(Host=>$router,Prompt => '/(?m:^(?:[\w.\/]+ +\:)?[\w.-]+\s?(?:\(config[^\)]*\))?\s?[\$#>]\s?(?:\(enable\))?\s*$)/' +,Timeout=>7,Errmode=>'return') or $tl=1; $lg=0; my @output = (); if($tl != 1) { print "$router Telnet success\n"; $t->login('3456','kasdg') or $lg=1 ; if($lg != 1) { print "$router Login success\n"; print "$comm"; @output=$t->cmd(string=>'sh run | in route'); print "@output\n"; $t->close; } else { $loginstat="Login Failed"; print "$router $loginstat\n"; print CONFIG "$router,$loginstat\n"; } } else { $telnetstat="Telnet Failed"; print "$router $telnetstat\n"; print CONFIG "$router,$telnetstat\n"; } close(CONFIG); $count++; }
      THANK YOU ! it works great :)

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