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Re: Site back up again

by ahmad (Hermit)
on Jul 11, 2010 at 18:08 UTC ( #848868=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Site back up again

Thanks to all people involved in the recovery process.

I think it would be great if we can have more information on what happened exactly, And the steps taken to fix the problem so we can benefit from this experience.

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Re^2: Site back up again
by Corion (Pope) on Jul 11, 2010 at 22:01 UTC

    See Re^2: Site back up again. The steps taken to fix the problem are that I will check our backups more often, so that I have (even) more confidence in their integrity. The last time our backups were taken to the test was when we migrated to a larger database server, two years ago. Since then, the process has not changed, so the backups are likely still good. But this has not been tested often enough.

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