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Re^3: Packaging Perl Programs (is) Painful

by jdrago999 (Pilgrim)
on Sep 06, 2010 at 07:41 UTC ( #859016=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Packaging Perl Programs (is) Painful
in thread Packaging Perl Programs (is) Painful

If the question were, instead...

"How do I make this completely Microsoft-dependent software system work on Linux?" response would have been basically the same, but in reverse - Use Perl. Sure, there's Mono (which does work fairly well) but for something like this - a piece of software with a GUI that must run on users' desktops - you are asking for trouble if you do anything outside of Microsoft's preordained canon.

If you don't believe me - that writing GUI code on Windows is a pain with Perl - ask the nice folks who have been working on "Padre" for the last few years. Combine a simple language (comparatively) like C# and a drop-dead-simple IDE like Visual Studio and, well, basically anyone capable of right-clicking and typing "Hello World" can make a network-deployable windows GUI application. That bar is set pretty high (I know) but I suppose the line has to be drawn somewhere.

"So -- let's face it. You win. You've proven you're better than everyone else here. You can leave, smug in the self-assured knowledge that you are superior, that you have all the right answers, and that you are better than me."

Smug? Maybe popping one's bubble for their own good will be misread as smug. Your skills as a competent Perl programmer put you in a great position to learn C# (enough, anyway) quickly - very quickly. In fact most of the "innovations" I've seen in C# over the last few years have been in Perl since version 5.0 came out or earlier. To me, C# seems to be stuck in catch-up mode, trying to mimic what's going on in Perl and Ruby.

And what's with all this "Oooh I'm not man enough to xyz" - popping this perceived vibe of "Perl is the only tool in my box so it's the only tool I'll use" in the OP - however rough and bruising to your ego it might have been - was probably necessary.


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Re^4: Packaging Perl Programs (is) Painful
by marinersk (Priest) on Sep 07, 2010 at 19:16 UTC
    And what's with all this "Oooh I'm not man enough to xyz"

    :: grin :: Just having a little fun, possibly at your expense, by pretending to presume that you were being over-the-top abrasive on purpose.

    Of course I don't expect that was true; more likely you just didn't (and apparently, to some degree, still don't) realize just how much your posting style buries your message.

    However, this post was less abrasive, and I even upvoted it. For balance, if nothing else. I see it now has a 1. LOL.

    however rough and bruising to your ego it might have been

    :: grin :: Actually, I did not have much invested in this portion of the threadlet but my own entertainment; I had rather hoped a side effect might include you becoming more aware of the effect your posting style has on the quality of your message. No matter if that succeeds or fails, though. Doesn't hurt me and the pain you cause yourself is your problem.

    Besides, it would take a LOT more than something like this to touch, much less bruise, my ego. Even if I had been the OP.

    Here's wishing you a fine and most excellent day on the day you read this reply.


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