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Re^5: Need help comparing 4 dates (Fixed.)

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Oct 03, 2010 at 16:52 UTC ( #863188=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: Need help comparing 4 dates (Fixed.)
in thread Need help comparing 4 dates

Have you by any chance got a blank line after the headers and before the dates?

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Re^6: Need help comparing 4 dates (Fixed.)
by dirtdog (Monk) on Oct 03, 2010 at 18:14 UTC

    I don't have a blank line after the header and before the dates

    __DATA__ EVENT JIM BOB SAM JACK PTRED~09/29/10 03:23:05 PM~09/28/10 02:21:09 PM~09/26/10 11:00:03 AM~0 +9/26/10 11:00:02 AM RED~08/29/10 01:55:00 AM~08/30/09 12:10:10 PM~08/27/10 08:16:21 PM~09/ +01/10 12:12:12 AM INT~07/04/10 03:21:15 AM~07/08/10 04:17:33 PM~06/30/10 04:22:11 AM~06/ +28/10 10:11:01 PM PTRED~06/19/10 09:19:55 PM~04/25/10 07:39:22 PM~09/16/10 10:34:24 AM~0 +7/22/10 06:19:38 PM RED~04/29/10 12:10:59 AM~04/20/10 02:13:33 AM~07/17/10 01:00:05 PM~09/ +01/10 11:10:15 PM INT~05/23/10 11:11:11 PM~01/08/10 10:45:12 PM~05/15/09 03:29:37 AM~05/ +18/09 12:59:59 PM

      The reason for asking was this bit of the error message you posted:  <DATA> line 2.

      Did you get more than one copy of the error message (on different lines)?

      Another possibility, though I can't see how it would arise, is that you have and old version of Date::Manip?

      C:\test>Perl -MDate::Manip -Esay$Date::Manip::VERSION 5.56

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        I do have an older version (5.54)..I'll install 5.56 and see if that fixes it.

        The warning does repeat for multiple lines...a lot. I was going to capture them in a file and then grep the count, but only the output displayed below was captured in the file

        Also, what is interesting is that the output contains a blank line between the header and result set even though there is no blank line after __DATA__

        EVENT JIM BOB SAM JACK PTRED 4 3 2 1 RED 3 1 2 4 INT 3 4 2 1 PTRED 2 1 4 3 RED 2 1 3 4 INT 4 3 1 2

        Actually, nevermind about the blank line in the result set. I see that yours has it also. Must come from the "+1" in the print.

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