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Re^2: installing correct Par::Packer on ActivePerl 5.12.2

by dxxd116 (Beadle)
on Oct 19, 2010 at 17:36 UTC ( #866131=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: installing correct Par::Packer on ActivePerl 5.12.2
in thread installing correct Par::Packer on ActivePerl 5.12.2

I tried several times to switch to Strawberry Perl. But installing modules such as DBD::Mysql became a daunting task for me and I never succeeded. It always failed this test or that test and even "force install" does not help. How do you resolve module installation problem using Strawberry? I was using CPAN module that comes together with Strawberry. But since you are using strawberry happily, there must be some tricks I donot know. Would you like to share some tips? Thank you, Xingliang
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Re^3: installing correct Par::Packer on ActivePerl 5.12.2
by kcott (Chancellor) on Oct 19, 2010 at 18:07 UTC

    Actually, I said "... using pp quite happily ...". However, I am generally pleased with Strawberry Perl.

    I've found most modules install using the CPAN modules but occasionally some don't. And, yes, force install doesn't always help. There is actually a stronger version of that (fforce) but there are cases where that's not the answer either.

    When the CPAN module hasn't been able to install a module, I revert to the commandline. The usual incantation is

    perl Makefile.PL make make test make install

    but do check the README and INSTALL files for variations, dependencies or additional tasks that may need to be run.

    One point of failure is often make test. There are occasions where the module has built without any problem and will install and run OK but, for whatever reason, one or more tests fail. While I'm not advocating that you skip the tests as a general rule, you can try the make install even if make test failed. I would recommend looking at the test output: the reason for failure may be obvious, e.g. you don't have some server running, your internet access is currently down, and so on.

    With regard to DBD::Mysql, I can't provide any advice from (recent) personal experience - I may have installed that module 10 years ago. What I do recall from installing DBD::* modules generally is that you need to read the README and INSTALL documents very closely.

    -- Ken

      Thank you for sharing your tips. It seems that module installation on StrawBerry indeed requires much more work than simply running

      ppm install ...
      Maybe it is not time to switch yet.

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