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Scalar Refs

by srawls (Friar)
on Jun 10, 2001 at 06:21 UTC ( #87253=obfuscated: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

Well, this is my second obfu in two days (not intended, I just got the idea 20 minutes ago). It all works on the string
Which is a scalar ref to a scalar ref to the result of the search patern //
I just couldn't refuse writing that : ) Here's the script:
@_=(do{("$=.175"*($]<<$])).'AR'},'s"/#5:er ','#&3 aR', q/;""'$ /);print map{substr(\\//,$[,$]+$~=~m~.~)^$_}@_

A quick summary of sorts

If you have seen my previous obfus, you'll notice I like to see a sort of repeating pattern in the symbols (e.g \\//). Here's a list of some of them I've come up with so far:

++$....$..$. #1 .. 11 or 1234567891011 --$--$--- #just a complicated way of saying 0 \\// #SCALAR(0xc3064) note that the num my differ $~=~m~.~ #evaluates to 1 $$=[$.++...$..$.];#second line evaluate to 0..10 @$$[@$$[$$$[$[]...$$$[$$$[$.]].$$$[$[]]];

The 15 year old, freshman programmer,
Stephen Rawls

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