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Re^8: Matching Images

by LanX (Chancellor)
on Nov 22, 2010 at 15:21 UTC ( #872984=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^7: Matching Images
in thread Matching Images

BUK (honestly in your own interest!) if I were you, I would consider having long talks to people in RL or even visiting a therapist from time to time!

Or at least regularly taking long walks in the forest to relax.

Your emotional reactions are close to paranoia.

Cheers Rolf

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Re^9: Matching Images
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Nov 22, 2010 at 15:31 UTC
    Your emotional reactions are close to paranoia.

    He he. You're way too ineffectual to carry that one off. Give it up as a bad job.

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