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[OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost

by syphilis (Chancellor)
on Nov 24, 2010 at 11:10 UTC ( #873407=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
syphilis has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

For a few years I've been contributing some ppm packages of not-so-straightforward-to-build perl (x86 and, more recently, x64) extensions to Randy Kobes' repo.

Following the sad and untimely passing of Randy, I've lost access to that repo ... I'm not sure if access will ever to be restored to me (though I am making enquiries about this) ... and I'm not even sure that the future of that server is assured (though I hope it is).

Anyway, this all prompted me to start considering other ways of making these "not-so-straightforward-to-build" x86 and x64 extensions available without submitting myself to significant expenses ... I'm a tightarse; I have Scottish ancestry (no Scots here, are there ?)

So I paid a few bucks for a .tk domain name, just to avoid the 25-hits-per-3-months issue, and I'm now seeking advice on where to get cheap/free web hosting for this speculated ppm repo.
I was thinking maybe greengeeks ... I have hippie ancestry, too (no hippies here, are there?). I don't necessarily believe the greengeeks claims, but anyone who has the business nous to try and cash in on this fad is surely "in for the long haul" ?

Then it occurred to me that there may well be people here who can offer sound advice on which cheap hosting companies to employ/avoid, based on their day-to-day activities. (In my "day-to-day activities" I'm very much cocooned from such considerations.)

Advice appreciated.

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Re: [OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost
by chrestomanci (Priest) on Nov 24, 2010 at 11:59 UTC

    Have you considered approaching Pair Networks who donate the bandwith and hardware that runs Perl Monks?

    I dare say there will be other hosting companies out there who would be willing to donate bandwith, as a project like yours would get used by a lot of perl developers, who will be in the market for a hosting company.

      Have you considered approaching Pair Networks

      No ... but not a silly idea.
      OTOH, it could be deemed that they are already doing enough for perl.

      I did approach my ISP (Optus - who would probably be the second largest Telco in this member of the 3rd World Economy). All they could tell me was:
      Optus do not provide any upgrades to the personal web space. If you wa +nt to have a depositary for files, you could register your own domain + and host files on the web space provided. Alternatively, you could l +ook at using free services such as (25Gb), Dropbox (2Gb) and + others
      "the web space provided" == 10Mb
      Far out !!

        In addition to "the web space provided", don't forget to compare the allowed transfer volume (i.e. what you get without being charged extra). I don't know what volume you'd expect for a ppm repository, but I know from hosting images (jpgs) that as soon as people start to find something useful, this can add up quickly...

      Replying to my own post.

      I think the key to trying to get a hosting provider to donate hardware and bandwith to your project is selling to them the idea that they are not donating to a charity, instead you are giving them an opportunity of cheap advertising to their target market.

      I dare say hosting companies get approached all the time by charities looking for free hosting, and if it is an animal hospital or suchlike, then the hosting company don't have much to gain other than their logo in the corner of a website which their target market don't visit.

      You project is different. People visiting your PPM repo are by definition perl developers, and a substantial fraction will be working on websites, and will need hosting. You need to convince the hosting company that your project will give them lots of sales leads.

Re: [OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost
by mjscott2702 (Pilgrim) on Nov 24, 2010 at 11:46 UTC
    I commend your worthy intentions, especially in making PPM's available that aren't available or up-to-date on the ActiveState repository.
    And as a Scotsman, I also commend your correct spelling of "tightarse" - and frugality is indeed a virtue :)
    Sorry I can't provide any pointers for your hosting question - one thing that would be nice (and may already exist) is an up-to-date list of PPM repositories.
      I also commend your correct spelling of "tightarse"

      Thank you !! That was, of course, my major concern. Woulder been nice if you'd also acknowledged that I had (correctly) referred to the inhabitants of Scotland as "Scots" rather than "Scotch people" ... it's a subtlety that's often completely overlooked "down under".
      I am, of course, being deliberately (and ridiculously) flippant :-)

      one thing that would be nice (and may already exist) is an up-to-date list of PPM repositories

      Quite by chance, I stumbled upon this a few days back (from ActivePerl's lib/PPM/ which may well be the best such list going around:
      our %Repositories = ( bioperl => { location => '', Notes => 'BioPerl - Regular Releases', PerlV => [ 5.8, '5.10' ], }, 'bioperl-rc' => { location => '', Notes => 'BioPerl - Releases Candidates', PerlV => [ 5.8, '5.10' ], }, bribes => { location => '', Notes => 'Bribes de Perl', PerlV => [ 5.6, 5.8, '5.10', 5.12 ], }, gtk2 => { location => '', Notes => 'gtk2-perl bindings (check also \'voltar\' reposit +ory)', }, 'gtk2-old' => { location => '', Notes => 'Old "official" Gtk2 repository', }, log4perl => { location => '', Notes => 'log4perl (pure perl)', PerlV => [ ], PerlO => ['perl'], }, roth => { location => '', Notes => 'Dave Roth\'s modules', PerlV => [ 5.6, 5.8 ], }, 'tcool-ppm3' => { location => ' +Server', Type => 'PPMServer', Notes => 'Kenichi Ishigaki\'s repository (PPM3))', }, tcool => { location => '', Notes => 'Kenichi Ishigaki\'s repository (PPM4)', }, trouchelle58 => { location => '', Notes => 'Trouchelle: 5.8', }, trouchelle510 => { location => '', Notes => 'Trouchelle: 5.10', PerlV => [ '5.10' ], }, trouchelle512 => { location => '', Notes => 'Trouchelle: 5.12', PerlV => [ 5.12 ], }, 'uwinnipeg56-ppm3' => { location => ' +n:/PPMServer', Type => 'PPMServer', Notes => 'University of Winnipeg: 5.6 (PPM3)', PerlV => [ 5.6 ], }, uwinnipeg56 => { location => '', Notes => 'University of Winnipeg: 5.6', PerlV => [ 5.6 ], }, 'uwinnipeg58-ppm3' => { location => ' +n:/PPMServer58', Type => 'PPMServer', Notes => 'University of Winnipeg: 5.8 (PPM3)', }, uwinnipeg58 => { location => '', Notes => 'University of Winnipeg: 5.8 (PPM4)', }, uwinnipeg510 => { location => '', Notes => 'University of Winnipeg: 5.10', PerlV => [ '5.10' ], }, uwinnipeg512 => { location => '', Notes => 'University of Winnipeg: 5.12', PerlV => [ 5.12 ], }, voltar => { location => '', Notes => 'Paul Miller\'s Games::RolePlay::MapGen and Gtk2 r +epository', }, wxperl => { location => '', Notes => 'wxPerl modules', PerlV => [ 5.8, '5.10', 5.12 ], }, );
Re: [OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost
by jfraire (Beadle) on Nov 24, 2010 at 14:34 UTC

    I host my things at They have very quick and helpful tech support. Through cPanel you can install Perl modules in your account, and you get SSH access also. They run Perl 5.8.8, I think.

    They are, like grengeeks, on the inexpensive side of the spectrum. No mod_perl, though (that I know of).

    I am a happy customer, as you can tell.

Re: [OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost
by hominid (Curate) on Nov 24, 2010 at 13:58 UTC
    NFS is cheap, reliable and fairly Perl friendly.
Re: [OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost
by tokpela (Chaplain) on Nov 24, 2010 at 18:34 UTC

    I have been using Dreamhost which provides an unlimited shared hosting service for about $10/month. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

    BTW, I'd like to say thank you for all of the help you have provided thus far - it's definitely appreciated.

Re: [OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost
by ww (Archbishop) on Nov 24, 2010 at 22:13 UTC

    Their free hosting may or may not provide enough space or bandwidth, but if not, they offer virtual hosting (shared servers) at very inexpensive rates (USD 5.99/month, unlimited bandwidth and disk)... and on up.

    Hmmpf. As part of preview, just took a look at their current frontpage... from which mention of freebie accounts has disappeared. Maybe no more, or maybe just havta' dig deeper.

Re: [OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost
by DrHyde (Prior) on Nov 25, 2010 at 11:03 UTC
    Want an account on the machine that I use for CPANDeps and CPxxxAN? Or, if you don't just want static content, I can set you up a small VM. Email me if I can help.
Re: [OT] Providing a Windows ppm repo at minimal cost
by ahmad (Hermit) on Nov 25, 2010 at 03:01 UTC

    How much disk space & bandwidth are we talking about?

    And what kind of access do you require ? is FTP only enough?

      Disk space should come in at less than 1 Gb (though might grow over time, as most things do). Bandwidth shouldn't be much of a consideration - the modules that I've got in mind are my own Math::* modules, PDL, Net-SSH2, Gtk2-GladeXML (and its dependencies) along with a few others. I don't think any of them are in high demand.

      I probably should be so cautious as to require something more secure than FTP .... but I'm not :-)

      Anyway, thanks for all of the replies. I was curious about greengeeks so I've given them a go ... they were pretty efficient at processing my credit card payment, but that's about as far as it's got. If it goes pear-shaped I at least now have (courtesy of the replies) some reliable alternatives to fall back on.

      Thanks guys.


        If you still need help on this, let me know through PM here

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