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Why does this combo of Data::Dumper and Clone::clone() fail? Bug?

by Lightknight (Beadle)
on Dec 16, 2010 at 18:38 UTC ( #877538=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Lightknight has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I didn't expect these results of using Data::Dumper (with Useperl(1)) and Clone::clone together. This snippet:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Clone; use Data::Dumper; printf "Clone: %s Data::Dumper %s\n", $Clone::VERSION, $Data::Dumper::VERSION; my $orig = { # This could be arbitrariliy complicated/nested # - this suffices for a demo # of the probem 'array' => [ 1,2,3 ] }; # Put it throught Data::Dumper with Userperl(1); my $d = Data::Dumper->new([$orig]); $d->Useperl(1); $d->Dump(); # Make a clone - it should be identical, I guess my $clone = Clone::clone($orig); # See that the clone has a different structure in array # (length of $$clone{array} is 0) printf "orig: %d clone %d\n", scalar(@{$$orig{array}}), scalar(@{$$clone{array}});
Produces this output:
Clone: 0.29 Data::Dumper 2.121_14 orig: 3 clone 0
I would have expected
Clone: 0.29 Data::Dumper 2.121_14 orig: 3 clone 3
Since the orig and the clone should have been identical. Right? Is there a bug here? Where?

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Re: Why does this combo of Data::Dumper and Clone::clone() fail? Bug?
by ikegami (Pope) on Dec 16, 2010 at 20:46 UTC

    In some version of Perl, Data::Dumper inadvertently adds "@" magic to the arrays it dumps.

    That magic has been supported since Clone 0.30. It was originally reported here.

    Simplest test case:

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Clone; use Test::More tests => 1; diag("Clone " . $Clone::VERSION); my $orig = [ 1,2,3 ]; my $r = \$#$orig; # Add "@" magic to @$orig. my $clone = Clone::clone($orig); is(0+@$clone, 0+@$orig); 1;
    1..1 # Clone 0.29 not ok 1 # Failed test at line 9. # got: '0' # expected: '3' # Looks like you failed 1 test of 1.
    1..1 # Clone 0.31 ok 1

    Upgrade Clone to 0.30 or higher.

Re: Why does this combo of Data::Dumper and Clone::clone() fail? Bug?
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Dec 16, 2010 at 18:56 UTC

    FWIW: I get your expected results. Albeit from slightly later versions of both modules:

    C:\test>junk11 Clone: 0.31 Data::Dumper 2.125 orig: 3 clone 3

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