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Re: Site facelift?

by hsinclai (Deacon)
on Feb 04, 2011 at 18:51 UTC ( #886275=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Site facelift?

I have been here for about 9 years I think and continue to be very appreciative of the resource and recurring personalities who share their knowledge inexhaustibly. There are times when I haven't visited for months, and times when I hang out and read every day for months -- this seems directly correlated to the frequency of freelance work coming in at any given moment:)

The entire site is not slow, just some of the complex pages, but it is slow enough to turn people off, who are not interested enough to wait that extra second. However I am not one of them, and in light of the complexity of the entire PM application/platform, I am more thankful to those who continue to maintain it, rather than critical of the slowness.

  1. I have no issues with the "1995" interface. I think it works and agree with moritz's post
  2. with better speed performance in page loads, searches, and perhaps some change to the CB not requiring an external client, I'm positive visitors of all programming ability levels would overlook the site Look and Feel in deference to the quality of content and speed and quality of replies to daily questions
  3. I am sure the maintainers have re-architecting ideas but not necessarily the budget or time to carry these out - let's act in deference to their efforts in this regard
  4. since when did stackoverflow become the yardstick for anything - it's a funded company, isn't Perlmonks a volunteer effort? These are apples and oranges, there are no ads on Perlmonks, and surely SO will have them sometime in the future, VCs monetize eventually (or something)
  5. while I do find the facelift suggestion a little bordering on frivolous given the actual content of Perlmonks, I do think that raising the performance (or lack thereof) discussion is a healthy thing (as mentioned by tinita )
  6. for those who mention formatting errors on pages due to OPs not formatting correctly, you probably haven't been around long enough to actually notice the level of moderation work that does take place

I believe some fundraising effort should be considered if it leads directly to speed related architectural improvements. I think the original page design ideas still have legs, are less confusing than most "modern" sites, and keep the focus on the content and quality..

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