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Re: Unable to run SOAP::Lite client through firewall proxy

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 20, 2011 at 13:44 UTC ( #894342=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Unable to run SOAP::Lite client through firewall proxy

transport->proxy is SOAP specific, its not your internet firewall proxy

What you want is what SOAP::Lite honors, HTTP_Proxy

Since something is going wrong, try getting to the internet with lwp-request (try the various options)

If you can get through your firewall with lwp-request, turn on debugging in soap and try debugging that

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Re^2: Unable to run SOAP::Lite client through firewall proxy
by scase (Initiate) on Mar 22, 2011 at 13:28 UTC
    I found the resolution. A couple notes for others: It appears that since I was accessing the service through an https endpoint, I needed to specify the firewall proxy protocol as https. From what I had read previously, I had through that specifying http would cover it. Guess not, perhaps I misunderstood. For one of the scripts, I was using a pm which wrapped the various actions. As such, it was proving difficult to get access to the underlying http/https calls from within my script. I edited the pm _call() sub:
    sub _call { my ($self, $method) = (shift, shift); my $name = UNIVERSAL::isa($method => 'SOAP::Data') ? $method->name + : $method; my %method = %{$methods{$name}}; # added the following line so that we can utilize a proxy to get o +ut through # the firewall $self->proxy($method{endpoint}, proxy => ['https' => 'http://proxy']); $self->proxy($method{endpoint} || Carp::croak "No server address ( +proxy) specified") unless $self->proxy; my @templates = @{$method{parameters}}; ...
    perhaps that was a bit less-than-elegant, but I was under the gun and can use my learnings to build on in the future Thanks!

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