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stringful overload

by wog (Curate)
on Jun 21, 2001 at 18:23 UTC ( #90363=obfuscated: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; sub BEGIN { require 'overload'.'.'.'pm';overload::constant( 'q',sub{ ($_=$_[0])=~y(a-z)/n-za-m/})} print pack chr('pack it'. 'all up Now' ).chr(42),'Jhfg nabg'. 'ure Pr' , "ey unpxre,\nJhf" . 'g nabgur' , "e Prey unpxre,\n".'Jhfg na' ,'bgure Prey unp' ."xre,\nJhf" ,'g na'. 'bg','ure Prey unp' ."xre, \nJhfg", 'nabgure Prey u'. '' , "npxre,\n Jhfg na".'b','gure Prey unpx'. "re,\nJhfg", 'nabgure Prey'. ' unpx', "re,\nJhfg nabg" .'u' , 're Prey unpxre' . ",\nJhfg", ' nab' . 'gu', 're Prey unp'.'', "xre,\nJhfg nab".'g','ure Prey unpxr' . "e,\nJhf", 'g nabgure Pre'."y unpxre,\n",'Jhfg'.' na','bgure Prey un' . 'pxre', ",\nJhfg nabgu" . 're Prey un' , "pxre,\nJhfg n" . 'abgure Prey ' , " unpxre,\nJhfg".' nabgure',"Prey unpxre,\n".'Jh', 'fg nabgure Pre'. 'y unp',"xre,\n".'Jhfg n', 'a'.'' ;exit 'JUST ANOTHER PERL HACKER,';

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