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Re: MySQL and Perl CGI

by trwww (Priest)
on May 15, 2011 at 03:07 UTC ( #904907=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to MySQL and Perl CGI

Just a tip, but there are tools that make what you want very easy to do by just running a few commands on the command line. For what you are trying to do, there is a tool called Gantry that is awesome:

Of course, you have to learn how to use that tool also, and in the long run, developing an app by yourself is going to be a good learning experience. But if you are trying to just get this up and running quickly, investing some time in learning something like gantry is going to be valuable.

So some google searches on "perl CRUD" and you'll find some tools that will make quick work of putting a web frontend on your database (CRUD stands for Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete).

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Node Type: note [id://904907]
[moritz]: choroba in python I use jsonschema
[moritz]: I'm sure there's a Perl implementation of it too
[choroba]: it seems Kelp and similar help you a lot with dispatching, but how to do something similar with contents?
[moritz]: like JSON::Schema
[Corion]: ambrus++ # more bugs than lines
[Corion]: That's like "works on my machine" ;-)
[choroba]: I mean, I'd like to say "this path should run this sub, but first it should check the user is authenticated, has the following permissions, and the contents is valid against a given schema
[ambrus]: no, that means I haven't even tried to run it, might not even parse
[ambrus]: so it doesn't work on my machine
[choroba]: i.e. I know JSON::Schema, I'm just curious whether there's a ready solution to plug it into a web service

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