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Re: How to parse SNMP traps from pcap file

by ig (Vicar)
on Jun 14, 2011 at 19:57 UTC ( #909633=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to parse SNMP traps from pcap file

If you have a look in Net::SNMP or maybe Mon::SNMP you can see how they are parsing the packets from the network.

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Re^2: How to parse SNMP traps from pcap file
by dalbaranster (Initiate) on Jun 14, 2011 at 20:38 UTC

    Thatīs exactly Iīm trying to do, but I donīt know how to send the extracted payload from the packets that I get from the object Net::Frame::Simple and use it as input to the buffer in the Mon::SNMP module

    From my code I have in $f the extracted package

    print $f->print."\n";

    how can I just "isolate" this part

    o Frame number: 41 (length: 401) ETH: dst:d8:d3:85:de:85:68 src:78:e7:d1:56:f7:a0 type:0x0800 IPv4: version:4 hlen:5 tos:0x00 length:387 id:0 IPv4: flags:0x02 offset:0 ttl:64 protocol:0x11 checksum:0xd8ee IPv4: src: dst: UDP: src:41665 dst:162 length:367 checksum:0x9443
    UDP: payload: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

    and use it as the value in the $snmptrap


    My apologies if this looks easy, but Iīm still trying to understand how use this modules on my project.

      The UDP packet payload is available as binary data:

      my $payload = $f->ref->{UDP}->payload;

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