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Perl-5.14.1 is now available

by Tux (Abbot)
on Jun 17, 2011 at 06:02 UTC ( #910077=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

At this point I'm no longer working for a company that makes me sig +n my life away, but by now I'm in the habit. Besides, I still harbor the deep-down suspicion that nobody would pay money for what I writ +e, since most of it just helps you do something better that you could already do some other way. How much money would you personally pay to upgrade from readnews to rn? How much money would you pay for the patch program? As for warp, it's a mere game. And anything yo +u can do with perl you can eventually do with an amazing and totally unreadable conglomeration of awk, sed, sh and C. -- Larry Wall, January 12, 1988 <992@devvax.JPL.NASA.GOV>

It gives us great pleasure to announce Perl 5.14.1, the second stable release of Perl 5.14.

You can download Perl 5.14.1 from your favorite CPAN mirror or from here.

SHA1 digests for this release are:

3f629f84f5bf766d7e24f61af910b10f5981c002 perl-5.14.1.tar.bz2 bd24b7572330c4f87a47ea841f88deb925245a8b perl-5.14.1.tar.gz

This release contains bug fixes, build fixes and documentation updates. It should be fully backward compatible with Perl 5.14.0.

Perl 5.14.1 is a recommended upgrade for all users of Perl 5.14.

You can find a full list of changes in the file "perldelta.pod" located in the "pod" directory inside the release and on the web.

Perl 5.14.1 represents approximately four weeks of development since Perl 5.14.0 and contains approximately 3500 lines of changes across 38 files from 17 authors.

Perl continues to flourish into its third decade thanks to a vibrant community of users and developers. The following people are known to have contributed the improvements that became Perl 5.14.1:

Bo Lindbergh, Claudio Ramirez, Craig A. Berry, David Leadbeater, Father Chrysostomos, Jesse Vincent, Jim Cromie, Justin Case, Karl Williamson, Leo Lapworth, Nicholas Clark, Nobuhiro Iwamatsu, smash, Tom Christiansen, Ton Hospel, Vladimir Timofeev, and Zsbán Ambrus.

We expect to release Perl 5.14.2 in mid-September 2011, followed by Perl 5.14.3 in mid-December. The next major release of Perl 5, 5.16.0 should appear in spring 2012.

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn

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