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Re^6: Update : aXML Release 0.1.3

by james2vegas (Chaplain)
on Jul 13, 2011 at 12:23 UTC ( #914119=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: Update : aXML Release 0.1.3
in thread Update : aXML Release 0.1.3

I think that depends on the DBD driver, not DBI itself. You have to do some of the work yourself, like using prepared statements.

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Re^7: Update : aXML Release 0.1.3
by simonodell (Acolyte) on Jul 13, 2011 at 13:12 UTC
    yeh well thats upto the programmer to work out.

    hey if you have got the system working try this :

    <math> 6 * <math>3 + <math> 2 * 2 </math></math></math>

      hey if you have got the system working try this :

      It needs editing to work on a different filesystem, too many hardcoded paths

      It has no documentation, or anything ( o plain ASCII diagram or flowchart ) explaining either how it works, or how its unique, or how its different, or how its better

      After reviewing the actual code, which is you say not the priniciple itself but only proof of principle , I don't see how its unique or how its different from HTML::Mason or TT2...

      • You can define variables in template (both Mason/TT2)
      • You can define templates within a template (definitely TT2)
      • You can embed perl (both Mason/TT2)
      • There is a default template (both Mason/TT2)
      • database plugin, among others (both Mason/TT2)
      • templates in folder actions are accessible directly via url
      • session handling (both Mason/TT2, via plugins)
      • ...

      Perlmonks is implemented in a similar way; Some modules, some templates on disk, some default templates, some templates stored in database, data in database, url mapping, actions ... custom template format, embedded perl... session handling ...

      I know I must be missing the point

      update: so i went and checked some more of your nodes and i found in I will be vindicated you clarify your idea is , as chromatic says, basically scheme :)

      Its a great idea , perl is built on it,

      It would work great as a backend for a GUI Builder or for a a node based visual programming environment like PNI, but not something i'd want to write by hand anymore than XML :) and you can't beat typing for speed :)

        Yup, you are missing the point, but it's my fault and I accept that, I am trying my best to explain.

        Yes, all of those things you listed are possible with the existing systems, but none of them are what I am excited about or willing to go through the crucifiction mill of putting information up about on here.

        This would be so much easier if I could just show you face to face what it is, you have to look through the system I have made which I openly admit is naive, to the paradigm it implements.

        Total abstraction and seperation of logic and presentation, reusability, and the one most important thing which my system has which others do not, the ability to stack up the reusable code blocks in many different ways using the structure inherant in the ruleset which is unique and does not exist in any of the frameworks you mentioned (or any that I have been able to find).

        It is that structuring which causes me to resist, body mind and soul using anything else. The ability to nest tags within each other in multiple levels and ways such that the xml itself almost takes on the status of being a programming languague, bringing a synthesis and unity to the code modules which define the meanings of the tags and allowing those code modules to be combined and reused in limitless ways far beyond the scope of things like HTML::Mason and TT.
      <math> 6 * <math>3 + <math> 2 * 2 </math></math></math>

      Is that actually supposed to be an improvement over anything on God's green earth?

        no not really it was just meant to give the result "42".

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