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Re^4: An Epiphony

by Logicus
on Aug 01, 2011 at 04:06 UTC ( #917748=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: An Epiphony
in thread An Epiphony

They will be cached in memory as part of the persistant mod_perl2 process. I'm currently playing with ModPerl::Registry and the results are looking promising.

The first time one of the action files is accessed there will be a one off overhead to convert it to a perl module, after which perl itself will do the compiling, there is no need to write a compiler on top of the compiler.

As for having the aXML layer, it's part of the aims of the project to be ultra easy for non-programmers to download it and setup their own copies of a site I'm working on, a sort of P2P free speech social network, extending and customising it as they wish. Thus once the system is working to the sort of speeds that others are pulling out of perl, what you will have is a completely flexible, customisable and extendable mod_perl2 based system, ready out of the box with all the mod_perl2 goodies. No custom templating system or language to learn, just perl and the aXML files which in effect are a convoluted configuration file set directing the perl modules underneath.

Trust me, it rocks... I've been playing around with aXML for years now and once I have overcome the remaining design obsitcals and release the next version with requisite documentation, people will start to see that there is indeed method in my madness afterall.

Ps. sorry if there are any typos in the above I'm using my laptop in Doha airport waiting for my connection and I've been awake for nearly 23 hours now, with another 7 hour flight and a 2 hour car journey still to go. and I really can't be bothered using the touchpad to click on the red wavy lines when you can just use your powerful quantum supercomputer (human brain) to figure out what the hell I'm on about.

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