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Re: Feature Request

by tospo (Hermit)
on Aug 05, 2011 at 08:25 UTC ( #918695=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Feature Request

...or "Meditations"? :-)
Seriously, I do post stuff like that in the Meditations section and have never had anybody complain or vote me down for it, so maybe try that?

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Re^2: Feature Request
by Logicus on Aug 05, 2011 at 10:14 UTC

    Nah mate the PTB on this site have got it in for me, they thumb down everything I put and are insisting that they keep a public record of a completely slanted argument that makes me look a right idiot, because I didn't have the knowledge and insight to back up myself up properly and got a little frustrated with them and their attitude. Linking it to my name makes it personal, and while I have looked for a way out to save face on all sides, they are not allowing it this saga continues. I'm certain there ought to be some sort of law against the way they are behaving, and I've informed them of my intent to deal with the matter through the courts and yet they remain completely unmoved totally smugly-self-satisfied at the top of their ivory tower that they can do no wrong and nothing can touch them.

      "Linking it to my name makes it personal

      Didn't you do this? Create an account with a username you also use in several other places? Then start talking smack about people?

        Yeh sure I created the account 4 years ago and naively used my own name, I would of expected a place like this full of intelligent thoughtful programmer types to be the LAST place where using my own name would cause any problems, but that is not the case.

        If you check the records, and I haven't the slightest belief that you actually would bother, you will find that it all started off nice and friendly, then I got ridiculed by people I took to be wiser and smarter than myself, and disappeared for 4 years.

        Then I came back armed with those extra years of experience and knowledge and with that much more development done on my system. I knew/know for sure that a many of the criticisms levelled at my ideas are total bullshit and or can equally be applied to the various mainstream systems currently in use.

        I was getting sick and tired of people not listening and using me as a verbal punch bag, when someone said "people don't pull any punches around here". Something went snap and since then I've been the one throwing the punches.. I don't care who you are, who you think you are, where on this hierarchy you sit, you are not immune. Infact the higher up you are the more you should be ashamed of yourself for letting this go on.

        Here like everywhere else in this world, the EGO rules the roost, I know I am right, I know my system rocks, and I know that it needs sharpening up a bit. This site, despite the numerous trolls and trouble makers who insist on harrassing me, has been the source of some very useful insights, and those people who have given those have my undying gratitude, whilst trolls and shall we call them laughing buddha's are going to get the silent treatment, or some nicely worded polite sarcasm from me from here on out.

        PS. You will not find a single example of my having been rude to anyone who was not first rude to me. Character recognition is difficult for me, but I see the trolls and idiots now.

      there is only one thing that really puzzles me: why do you keep coming and posting here if you hate this site and "the PTB" so much? The only thing where I agree with you is that a thread should probably be removed if the user requests it and if there is a good reason for it, for example emotions have run high and things were said that should not be on record, especially if the user has used his real name or is using the same user name across multiple sites.
        I'm starting to enjoy the abuse...

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