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Re^3: GCC and Perl: Module installation error cc1

by shmem (Chancellor)
on Aug 09, 2011 at 14:49 UTC ( #919483=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: GCC and Perl: Module installation error cc1
in thread GCC and Perl: Module installation error cc1

Any idea on how I can get a local Perl installation and a local gcc to go along with it?

Er... yes. But last time I built my own gcc was gcc 1.83 on a SPARCstation ELC, and building stage1 through stage3 took 3 days... Why don't you just blame the admins of that box and let them do the job?

Another method that might work for you... grab the desired RPM package, dump it into your home directory with

server$ mkdir gcc; cd gcc server$ rpm2cpio ~/gcc*.rpm | cpio -i --make-directories

and set the search path and the spec file. You will have to tweak the cflags or such of your perl, that might work copying to some place included in the PERL5LIB environment variable, and edit Alternatively, build a local perl, probably tweaking the spec file of the system perl (from the source rpm).

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