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Re: Threads slurping a directory and processing before conclusion

by TRoderic (Novice)
on Sep 06, 2011 at 21:00 UTC ( #924463=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Threads slurping a directory and processing before conclusion

Thanks for all the input. I've made a start on combining what i've learned from this into a reusable program, replicated here in case it proves useful to somebody.
The module
package MTD; use strict; use warnings; our $VERSION = "0.1"; use threads; use Thread::Queue; sub weave_dir{ # MTD::weave_dir($directory,$limit,$queueobjectref,\&f +unction,$functionvar); my ($directory,$limit,$q,$function,$var) = @_; unless(-d $directory){die("$directory is not a directory; weave_di +r gave up on [$!]");} #what happens if this process is called by another process which h +as it's own collection of threads ? if(scalar(threads->list()) != 0 ){ print("WARNING: weave_dir is st +arting with threads already in existance, no guarantee what will happ +en\n");} #unless we have an existing queue variable being passed to us, mak +e one. unless($q){ $q = Thread::Queue->new(); #create shared queue } my $lister = threads->create(\&enqueue_directorylist,$directory,\$ +q,1); # create directory listing thread. while( scalar(threads->list()) < $limit){threads->create(\&qnanny, +\$q,$function,$var);} # create a queue watching process so long as we +'re under limit for threads. #close the listing process and assign it's opportunity cost thread + to another queue processing function. $lister->join(); undef $lister; threads->create(\&qnanny,\$q,$function,$var); my @threads = threads->list(); #get listing of thread objects curr +ently in existance (potential hazard when other threads from calling +process are running ?) #dump undef into the queue for each thread running,nanny thread st +ops when it recieves undef. foreach my $t (@threads){ $q->enqueue(undef); } #actually join all the weave_dir threads. foreach my $z (@threads){ #print("joining $z\n"); $z->join(); } #print("done"); } sub qnanny{ # qnanny($queueobject,$functiontouse,$singlescalarvariable +topasstothefunctiontouse); my ($q,$func,$var) = @_; #while there objects in this queue and if it's an actual value as +opposed to undef while (my $r = $$q->dequeue()){ #pass a reference to the object in the queue to the function s +pecified, along with a single scalar variable. $func->(\$r,$var); } #print(threads->tid() . " is terminating\n"); #we're done threads->exit(); } sub enqueue_directorylist{ # enqueue_directorylist($director,$queueref +erence,$recursivemode); my ($dir,$queue,$r) = @_; my @subdirs = ();# array for list of subdirectories found in the d +irectory, only used in [r]ecursive mode opendir(DIR,$dir) or die "could not open $dir: $!"; # create the d +irectory sequence while (my $file = readdir(DIR)){ #while we have a file to evalu +ate next if ($file eq '.'|| $file eq '..' ); #skip self and parent + dir next if ($file eq 'RECYCLER' || $file eq 'System Volume Inform +ation'); #skip problem directories on windows root paths #if the current specimen is a directory if (-d $dir.$file){ #if in recursive mode if ($r){ #put the reference to the subdirectory in storage for +later push (@subdirs, $dir.$file.'/'); } # otherwise next; #dont try to process (yet) } #if we got this far, add the full file path to the directory $$queue->enqueue("$dir$file"); } #repeat the above until.... foreach my $sdir (@subdirs){ enqueue_directorylist($sdir,$queue,$r); } } return 1;

a simple directory listing process
use MTD; use strict; use warnings; use threads; use threads::shared; use Thread::Semaphore; main(); sub main{ my $directory = q#F:/#; my $limit = 4; my $queueobjectref = undef; my %fvar :shared; my @ar :shared; %fvar = ( t_sem => Thread::Semaphore->new(), array => \@ar, ); MTD::weave_dir($directory,$limit,$queueobjectref,\&push_fname,\%fv +ar); sleep(1); foreach my $i (@{$fvar{array}}){ print("$i\n"); } } sub push_fname{ my($filename,$var) = @_; $$var{t_sem}->down(); push(@{$$var{array}}, $$filename); # reference to an array within +a hash reference as an array $$var{t_sem}->up(); }

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