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Re: OT: CSS: @media print attributes

by MidLifeXis (Monsignor)
on Sep 13, 2011 at 13:11 UTC ( #925695=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CSS: @media print attributes

FYI - this is pretty well off topic for PerlMonks.

This is how the browser works. It will not print the background colors of an element without being told to do so. If you wish to have this work the way you are specifying it, perhaps something like filling each cell with a 2px wide image of either on or off would be better. Then the displayed item is in the foreground instead of the background.

If I have a web page with a black background (or even better, a @media print setting of a black page), would you want the browser to, by default, print this? Or would you want the browser to make it as readable as possible on the selected media?

Use a foreground element of some sort (<img> for example) to generate what you want to display.


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