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Re: perl for HP NonStop

by eyepopslikeamosquito (Chancellor)
on Sep 21, 2011 at 10:44 UTC ( #927121=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to perl for HP NonStop

You can download Perl 5.8.7 for the NSK OSS environment from the ITUGLIB Open Source Technical Library. I've used it on OSS (a Unix-like environment) and it works reasonably well. You can interoperate with the Guardian environment from OSS by running the gtacl command via Perl's system function or backticks. IIRC, I had to make a one-line change to the File::Find module (changed the value of one of the link variables I think, update: added the line $File::Find::dont_use_nlink = 1; to to get it to work reliably. And setting up the networking (I copied /etc/hosts, /etc/services, /etc/protocols, /etc/inetd.conf and a bunch of other Unix-like files across from a Unix box) was a pest.

Last time I looked (around five years ago), building Perl from source on OSS was not trivial. The ITUGLIB Perl was built using a "HP Internal" version of gcc that was not generally available. Update: So installing CPAN modules with C/xs components is problematic. Pure Perl CPAN modules are fine though, and I successfully installed a number of those.

A very old version of Perl (5.004 I think) is available for the Guardian environment, though I've not used it. Guardian is not at all Unix-like (e.g. file names limited to eight characters in length with no file extension and lacking Unix-like hierarchical directories), so this is an ancient custom fork and a lot of Unix-like Perl features will necessarily be missing on Guardian.

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