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Re: "flashing"-like stuff

by Anonymous Monk
on Sep 24, 2011 at 16:18 UTC ( #927657=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to "flashing"-like stuff

here is an udated version, for better readability:
#!/usr/bin/perl $|=1; use Term::ReadKey; ReadMode 3; ($w, $h) = GetTerminalSize; #get size of the screen $x1 = 0; $y1 = 0; #ball start coordinates $dx = 0.05; $dy = 0.05; #increments to the ball coordinates $x = 0; #start position of the pad while (1) { $key = ReadKey -1; if ($key eq "d") {$x++; $x = $w-10 if $x > $w-10} #moving the pad to t +he right if ($key eq "a") {$x--; $x = 0 if $x < 0} #moving the pad to the l +eft print "\e[H"; print "\n" x ($h-2); print "\r\e[K"; print " " x $x; pri +nt "##########\r\e[H"; #drawing the pad at the bottom of the screen for (0..($h-3)) {print " " x ($w); print "\n"} #cleaning the screen ab +ove the pad print "\e[H\n\n\n"; print "\n" x $y1; print " " x $x1; print "O\r"; #d +rawing the ball $x1 += $dx; #update coordinates of the ball $y1 += $dy; $dx *= -1 if $x1 >= $w-1 || $x1 <= 0; #if the ball hits the left or ri +ght wall $dy *= -1 if $y1 <= 0 || ( $y1 >= $h-5 && $x1 > $x && $x1 < $x+10 ); # +if the ball hits the top wall or the pad if ($y1 > $h-4) {ReadMode 0; die "\nyou lose!\n"} #if the ball doesn't + hit the pad } ReadMode 0;
but the problem's still there, somewhere

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