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Re^6: to distinguish between [Anonymous Monk]s in a thread, brand 'em

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 07, 2011 at 03:09 UTC ( #930099=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: to distinguish between [Anonymous Monk]s in a thread, brand 'em
in thread to distinguish between [Anonymous Monk]s in a thread, brand 'em

I didn't see a random salt per user in the example

That is why I said that it is another thing that could be done -- to alleviate your crypt breaking concerns

There really shouldn't need to be a random salt. The point is anonymity, so leave anything that ties it to the user at all out. There's no need to prevent sensitive information leaking if there's no sensitive information. A crypt on the session ID and the root node ID should be plenty to assure separation of credit for the thread, so why include anything else in a publicly displayed string?

Um, yeah, because of everything I already said in this thread -- the actual branding scheme is not that important

This all kind of assumes the idea would be picked up anyway

Yes, for purpose of discussion, that assumption has to be made, esp by the suggester, me :)

The level of information trusted to the site admins shouldn't by default be trusted to everyone. Don't assume that giving up IP information to the public would be okay with everyone just because it's okay with you. Apparently you're forgetting (or simply not aware, but that's doubtful) of the issues of stalking and harassment other people have had to deal with.

Why assume that IP information is made public? Because it isn't you know.

And just how would a stalker/harasser know which Anonymous Monk posting is the person they're looking for?

I get branded, not you mr_mischief, and I am legion, for I am many.


But seriously, I would be more worried about WITCHES than stalker/harasser/goverment/godwin , they got magic :/

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