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Plack Middleware aXML

by Logicus
on Oct 18, 2011 at 20:53 UTC ( #932243=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Just thought I'd upset you lot again by boasting about my aXML system :P

I have almost finished rebuilding it as a plack middleware component, using a completely new and much faster parsing engine which works on the same lines but is so fast my Quad Core Phenom II can spit out 16,000 requests in just over 22 seconds.... woohoooo!!!! Btw, that request includes a database lookup of 100 lines with formatted output!

Because of the way the new parsing algorithm works, the new engine doesn't slow down as new abstractions are added, meaning that now whenever I want it do something new, I can just add new abstractions in and never have to write that code again!

It's like perl golf... but results in compressed code which is still totally comprehensible to mere mortals!

I wish I could just click a button and install a full and complete understanding of what I'm upto and why I keep on harping on about it into your brain, because I am approaching Perl Nirvana over here!!

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Re: Plack Middleware aXML
by Anonymous Monk on Oct 19, 2011 at 06:19 UTC
Re: Plack Middleware aXML
by Logicus on Oct 18, 2011 at 23:30 UTC

    Lalala... you can thumb it down all you like, I am so elated with what I have built here that your disdain no longer looks like the wise judgement of people who know better than me, but now appears as the narrow petty vindictive jealousy of a closed mind who knows no better. Seriously.

    When it's ready for release and people start to realise what I have achieved, you my dear detractors, are going to look like such utter fools you will probably be the joke of the Perl world for years to come.

    I told you the truth... I described the nature of your mistake, and the mindless group think which compounded it... but you didn't listen... not my fault or problem!!

    Lesser men would of been turned away by your vile attitude, but not me, no... now as I stand here, having reached this plateau of sheer coding ecstasy, my thoughts are not of hoarding my accomplishment to myself like a bitter little closed source coder, but of sharing the code and the love with all of you. You probably won't get or want it for a good while yet, but in the fullness of time you will no longer be able to deny that I have taken this game to the next level.

    Massive thanks, and my undying gratitude go out to Miagawa, Corion and Chromatic.

      .. looking forward to seeing the goods; talk the talk, walk the walk, you know how it goes.

        Yup, yup, the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say, and a demo version is going to be available very soon! After that I will have to get down to the boring task of documentation and commenting the code ready for submitting it to CPAN and then it belongs to everyone to do with as they wish, no strings, no licences, just ridiculously fast and powerful code which even the most spaghetti brained ameture coder can leverage to build powerful and well structured apps in.

        I couldn't of done this without standing on the shoulders of giants like Larry and Miagawa.

        If anyone wants to start getting their system ready for it, I suggest starting by installing Task::Plack from CPAN and reading up a little on it by searching for the "Plack Advent Calendar" to familiarise themselves with how Plack/PSGI & Plackup etc works. aXML now sits on top of that system, and a working understanding of it will be useful in the early stages until aXML is 100% ready and available to install from CPAN. (the first early demo will come in zip format with some install instructions and a sample basic catalogue and shopping cart app.)

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